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Pandemic in the Earth Realm

Posted on May 29, 2020 at 6:30 PM

Good afternoon Kingdom Citizens! I know its been a long time since Ive posted anything on my blog and I certainly know alot has happened since then! I pray all are doing well, being blessed, and staying safe. These are challenging times we are living in. Normal as we knew it is no more. There is a new normal being ushered in. Masks, gloves, social distancing, 6 feet spacing, havent had church in awhile, many places and businesses have been shut down. Barber shops, nail salons, churches for the most part as the government says no more that 10 people. Many of us have now been focusing on social media to get the word out to the masses as despite what we are going through...well especially with what we are going through, we still need a word from the Lord. Know this...God has not forgotten about us. We are still the apple of His eye. Use this time of shut in to spend time in the Face of God. Get to know Him better. Cultivate your relationship with Him. Now we are seeing continued chaos with the Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota killing an unarmed black man by having his knee on his neck. Chaos everywhere because people want justice. And instead all we see is Just-us. Satan has an agenda that is beyond race! His ultimate agenda is to separate the Body of Christ and have believers coming against other believers. This is far beyond skin complexion and ethnic backgrounds. This is the race war that Satan desires. Saints of God..Let us seek the Lord now like never before. The earth is in trevail and things are not going to get better because we are living in the last days! Those who do now know God are looking for somewhere to turn. Nowhere better than to God because Hes the only one thats going to bring us through all this. The Lord has shared with me that after this, many churches that previously had limited growth but the leaders continued to push and pray, God is going to bring tremendous increase and overflow. Faithfulness brings promotion. There is indeed a changing of the guard taking place right before our eyes. We have been talking about this divine switchout for years but many are being exposed in the Body of Christ while others are being brought from the backside of the mountain to the forefront. Let us continue to pray for the families effected by this pandemic. Let us pray for those on the front lines. let us pray for those on ventilators and respirators. We will make it through this and I believe will bring forth a worldwide testimony..."If it had not been for the Lord"..Be in prayer my friends. We will be talking again soon...Love you all!

Apostle T 

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