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Posted on September 21, 2016 at 5:55 PM

Well Saints of God, I am glad to announce that my treadmill ministry which is called The Potters Wheel is up and running...(so to speak! lol) Since July I have been walking the treadmill and the Lord has been giving me encouraging words to speak to His people while losing weight and getting fit! There is something to be said for getting physically fit and spiritually fit at the same time! 5:00am my wife Pastor Cynthia and I have been hitting the Rocky Mount Fit For Life Facility and we are getting our cardio in every morning. I thank God for He has been speaking a word every morning! I invite you all if you are up to please go to my Facebook page and tune in every morning at 5:00am and at 6:00am on Sunday. The bible tells us to seek the Lord while it is early! I can tell you there is a word from the Lord! I love you folks and I will see you on The Potters Wheel!

Pastor T

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