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Posted on July 18, 2016 at 7:10 PM

Good day to all! I just want to say how overwhelmed and overjoyed I am with all that the Lord is doing in this seaason. My wife and I are so excited as we prepare to celebrate 4 years in ministry. We have overcome so many obstacles on our way to this place. God has blessed us with innummerable blessings and we are just so grateful! God is continuing to manifest what He spoke years ago. People are coming. The overflow is coming. We are still standing on the four pillar statements of the ministry.

1. Every seat filled

2. Standing room only

3. Two services on Sunday

4. International ministry

5. Another location

We are still believing God to bring every word to pass. This year the ministry is preparing for our cruise to the Bahamas! We will be traveling from Charleston, South Carolinas for a 5 day cruise in October! Who would have known that we would be able to bring forth such an event! Last year it was Gatlinburg, TN. Before then it was Wilmington, NC! Next year we are trying to make it to Jamaica! God is so awesome! And we just want to thank those who have been faithful to the vision that God has shown us. We are so thankful for the folks that God has connected to us to make this awesome journey! I can truly say to each and every one of you that "The Best is Yet To Come". stay tuned and watch God bring about what He has spoken. Kingdom Plaza is next...the Cafe will be called He Brews...the Kidzone...and The Media Center....will all be the next phase of our growth....I have seen it in the unseen and I know God will manifest in this next season...God is just connecting us to the right people to help bring it to pass...favor is a person and the Lord has shown me that He is bringing people to the ministry with seed in their hands...we have shared this revelation with the ministry family...Now watch it manifest...My treadmill ministry called "The Potters Wheel" is up and running!....Just sharing my heart..I Love You guys.... Be blessed and watch God!

Pastor T  

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