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The Year of the Open Door Conference

Posted on February 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM

Well, well, well, its about that time! Saints of God! We are getting ready for our next conference which will be held next Thursday February 25-26 right here at TVC Ministries! Our Year of The Open Door Conference! We are expecting a might move of God! For our ministry gift we will be having Apostle Belinda Alford of The Prayer Center in Thomasville NC! She will be here both nights ministering the Word of God and we welcome her and her husband Apostle J Alford to the city of Rocky Mount! Its going to be epic and I guarantee there will be a word that will confirm and affirm the place we are in spiritually and the trumpet will be blown for all to take their places on the front line. We are so excited...stay tuned for more notes after the conference. We have the invitation on our Facebook page..The Vision Center Ministries- Elm City if youre coming and come on out and fellowship with wont be dissappointed! We love you folks...Thanks for all you do...Be blessed

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