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The Blessing is Here!

Posted on August 20, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Isnt it a wonderful thing when that thing you have been praying and believing God to manifest finally happens? Well one of our prayers has been answered and we are so excited and thankful here at The Vision Center Ministries! The formal announcement will be tomorrow in our 11:00am service! I wont post it yet but stay tuned! God is doing great things and we know that He isnt finished yet! The best is truly yet to come! Im about to bust! Check out further posts after tomorrow and you will know what the blessing is! Thank you Lord!!!!!


Pastor T

Just Thankful

Posted on July 18, 2016 at 7:10 PM

Good day to all! I just want to say how overwhelmed and overjoyed I am with all that the Lord is doing in this seaason. My wife and I are so excited as we prepare to celebrate 4 years in ministry. We have overcome so many obstacles on our way to this place. God has blessed us with innummerable blessings and we are just so grateful! God is continuing to manifest what He spoke years ago. People are coming. The overflow is coming. We are still standing on the four pillar statements of the ministry.

1. Every seat filled

2. Standing room only

3. Two services on Sunday

4. International ministry

5. Another location

We are still believing God to bring every word to pass. This year the ministry is preparing for our cruise to the Bahamas! We will be traveling from Charleston, South Carolinas for a 5 day cruise in October! Who would have known that we would be able to bring forth such an event! Last year it was Gatlinburg, TN. Before then it was Wilmington, NC! Next year we are trying to make it to Jamaica! God is so awesome! And we just want to thank those who have been faithful to the vision that God has shown us. We are so thankful for the folks that God has connected to us to make this awesome journey! I can truly say to each and every one of you that "The Best is Yet To Come". stay tuned and watch God bring about what He has spoken. Kingdom Plaza is next...the Cafe will be called He Brews...the Kidzone...and The Media Center....will all be the next phase of our growth....I have seen it in the unseen and I know God will manifest in this next season...God is just connecting us to the right people to help bring it to pass...favor is a person and the Lord has shown me that He is bringing people to the ministry with seed in their hands...we have shared this revelation with the ministry family...Now watch it manifest...My treadmill ministry called "The Potters Wheel" is up and running!....Just sharing my heart..I Love You guys.... Be blessed and watch God!

Pastor T  

The Year of the Open Door Conference

Posted on February 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM

Well, well, well, its about that time! Saints of God! We are getting ready for our next conference which will be held next Thursday February 25-26 right here at TVC Ministries! Our Year of The Open Door Conference! We are expecting a might move of God! For our ministry gift we will be having Apostle Belinda Alford of The Prayer Center in Thomasville NC! She will be here both nights ministering the Word of God and we welcome her and her husband Apostle J Alford to the city of Rocky Mount! Its going to be epic and I guarantee there will be a word that will confirm and affirm the place we are in spiritually and the trumpet will be blown for all to take their places on the front line. We are so excited...stay tuned for more notes after the conference. We have the invitation on our Facebook page..The Vision Center Ministries- Elm City if youre coming and come on out and fellowship with wont be dissappointed! We love you folks...Thanks for all you do...Be blessed

Pastor T 

The Year of the Open Door

Posted on January 15, 2016 at 6:55 PM

For TVC Ministries this is The Year of the Open Door...Faith has positioned the believer at the door to be able to receive the blessings of God. That know that thing that you have been believing God for has you positioned to enter into the promises of God. We are so excited that even though we all have been through the fire...through the flood...and through some valley experiences, they have matured us and allowed us to still have our Kingdom Assignment...This is our year..overflow..increase....more than enough...every seat filled...standig room only....2 services on Sunday...internationel ministry...and another location...good health...long life...they belong to us...we claim it...this door is open...lets walk through toegether...

Love you folks...Pastor T 

TVC Gatlinburg Trip

Posted on October 3, 2015 at 7:10 PM

All I can say is WOW!!!! The TVC family traveled down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for 2.5 days of fun and fellowship! We had a great time! We went to Pigeon Forge and the folks rode Go Karts...And my wife and I got to visit the Titanic Museuum. It was great! It was much needed and we have made it a plan to do a getaway every year. It helps build family and allows us to enjoy each other outside of the 4 walls. Next year, its a Bahamas Cruise for TVC! I cant wait!

Pastor Terry 

TVC Friends and Family Day Extravaganza

Posted on July 3, 2015 at 3:55 PM

All I can say is WOW!!!!! We had such an awesome time at our F and F Day!!!!! We had food, fun, and fellowship as we always do and God showed up in an awesome way! We had Pastor Anthony Harrison and Ordered By God as our musical guests and they ushered in the presence of God...then we had food upstairs for those that enjoyed the Upper Room experience...then the kids truly enjoyed our Kingdom Kids area and they were entertained by our professional clown who came from Raleigh..We had face painting, balloon figures, and just fun for everyone! Then we had Tickle me Elmo show up and the kids truly loved following him around! My wife and I are so proud of the event and those that helped make it a success! We couldnt have done it without our TVC Family serving and greeting our guests...We had Wilson County Fire and Rescue come and let us know about fire safety and they brought their ambulance for the kids...It was just a great day overall for everyone! Lord..we thank you for bringing the vision to pass...Every word you spoke is now coming to fruition...we are so blessed..and the good thing is the best is yet to come!!!!!

Pastor T

Be Encouraged

Posted on April 25, 2015 at 5:45 PM

I come to you just to tell you that God has not forgotten about you. Be encouraged in the Lord. God is about to manifest Himself in your situation. Keep the faith, lift up your head, your waiting and praying and pressing has not been in vain. Focus now like never before on your Kingdom Assignment. That thing that seemed to be coming against you is about to break. Its going to happen. Whatever you have been believing God for...I am believing God for supernatural increase and favor. I speak it over your life. In Jesus Name...Amen!

2015- The Year of Kingdom Impact

Posted on January 24, 2015 at 1:20 PM

God is awesome! We cannot really add anymore to that as He has and is doing amazing things...I ask you all who know Him to stay the course...dont get thrown off by what you see. God is the same God that brought you through the last storm. He hasnt lost any power or authority and he hasnt forgotten about you and I. 2014 was a setup for 2015. This is the Year of Kingdom Impact...We cannot keep compassing the same mountain...we have ben going in circles long enough. God desires to collide with us! we will make a great impact in the Kingdom of God in 2015. get ready for overflow, blessings, abundance, and more than enough...Your health, your faith, your family, and every Godly relationship is going to the next level...Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!


Slaying the Giants Conference 2014

Posted on November 22, 2014 at 6:20 PM

Lord...let me start out by saying I thank you...If you didnt bless us with YOUR presence on Nov 20 and 21 at our Slaying the Giants Conference! We had a great turnout and we are thanking You for Your divine impartation you made to us your people...The message on Thursday "Ive got one rock left"...I believe You increased our faith...the rocks we passed out at the door represented the revelation of God..Then Pastor David Frederick came and blessed us on friday night and ministered and walked heavy in Your word....Lady Shonte Frederick ushered us into the presence of the Lord..We thank all who came out from Christ Lit tabernacle, the Pastors and Apostles who came out and our minstrels for the evening, Tevin Barnes and my son Donald Battle...We were truly blessed and we are just so full of thanks for those who supported our very first conference...We also thank our Pastor Keith Moore who came out and those from Abundant Life who supported as well....Thank you from the bottom of my heart...get ready to sling your rock! Every giant must come down...In Jesus name!


Where You At?

Posted on September 10, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Where are you? Im not asking the question of where are you physically....but where are you spiritually? Are you available for God to use? Or are you still hiding out..cloaking...Its time for the real true sons and daughters to step up to the plate. God needs your hands, your voice, your feet, and most of all your gift...You cant hide out like Adam...God knows where you are....He knows what He put in you...Its time for you to come the name of Jesus..Dont take that gift to the grave...